Two young girls in front of a fire place in Christmas Dresses

About An Apple Blog


Welcome to our blog!

Two women hiking in New Mexico

Welcome to An Apple Blog, where we believe that sharing personal experiences, advice, stories about inspiring women and motivational words can help to dismantle the internal and societal struggles caused by the patriarchy.


What do we want to dismantle?

The short answer, the patriarchy, but that doesn’t tell you much.  The long answer is that we would like for our posts to make a difference in the lives of individuals who have internalized societal messages about how men and women should behave, think and live their lives.  This blog focuses primarily on how these messages impact those identifying as women, because that is our experience.  We recognize that gendered social norms impact us all and encourage guest posts about how gendered norms impact men and gender nonconforming individuals and the steps that individuals can take to internally combat these norms.  We will discuss issues like body image, guilt around food and exercise, and internalized negative stereotypes. Further, we recognize that while personal liberation is essential, that real change will occur when we examine and stand up against a society that privileges white men at the expense of others.  We hope that in a small way our posts will encourage readers to think differently about the society we live in or inspire them to take action for change.

How our blog hopes to make a difference?

  1. Inspire readers to have positive self talk
  2. Inspire readers to find balance in their lives
  3. Inspire readers with stories of women doing awesome things to make the world a better place
  4. Inspire readers to critique our society and begin the conversation on how to make it better


What does our name mean?

The apple to us is representative of knowledge, health and wellbeing.  The apple has been used symbolically across history.  Eve is depicted in the Garden of Eden eating the forbidden fruit, which has often been represented in art and literature as an apple.  We challenge the representation of Eve’s actions as negative, and view the action of “eating the apple” as the consumption of knowledge.  This knowledge is often “forbidden” because in knowing, we come to realize the problematic and immoral aspects of our society and can no longer tolerate the status quo.  Those in power do not want us to eat the fruit.


The apple also calls to mind the image of teachers and students.  In this image we see ourselves in both roles. We hope that our readers will take on both roles as well.  We intend to spark conversation in our blog posts.  We wish for readers to comment, provide feedback and share their own experiences.  Through this dialogue we can build a community of individuals committed to change.


Finally, we borrow here from the adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  With our blog we are hoping to write about our own paths to finding balance and holistic health in order to help others on similar journeys.  In our gendered and patriarchal society women often struggle with issues of body image, nutrition, anxiety, guilt and a lack of information focused on their unique health needs.  While neither of us are medical professionals, and we do not purport for our advice to ever take the place of meeting with a medical or mental health professional, we do hope that by sharing our stories and lessons learned that our readers will learn and share their stories too.


About Us:

Two young girls in front of a fire place in Christmas Dresses

We are two feminist sisters working to find greater wellness for ourselves and striving to make the world a better place for all individuals.  With less than a year and a half separating us in age, we have grown up with each other at our side for as long as we can remember.  Now, an ocean apart, we are still each other’s biggest confidant, support system and advisor.  We hope to extend our sisterhood to others.


Hi! I am Madeleine,

Woman selects apples at the farmer's market

I live in San Diego, California and love the Southern California weather and lifestyle. I enjoy kayaking on the bay, hiking in the nearby mountains and parks, and finding new places around town for long runs. Being single, 26 and separated from family it can sometimes feel really lonely in the city, but I am trying to take advantage of this opportunity to explore my identity and gain confidence in my independence. I am passionate about protecting the environment and work to awaken a love for nature in others. As the younger sister, I love having Rachel to look up to and I am excited to be working with her on a blog that touches on some deeply personal and important topics.


Aloha! I am Rachel,

A woman is standing in an apple orchard

Like Madeleine, I am very excited to work on this blog. I love writing, examining social issues and working towards a more holistic approach to wellbeing.  I live with my husband in Hawai’i and enjoy exploring the mountains, jungles and beaches. I am an avid, often injured, runner, who is exploring other ways to stay physically active and healthy, like yoga, spinning and weightlifting.  I am actively working to find balance in my approach to health and untangling body image from exercise and eating.  I hope to share this journey with others in hopes of empowering and supporting.  Further, I hope that this blog triggers just a few people to take action either in their own lives, in their communities or in our world more broadly.